Term of use/Privacy policy

0. You may use Remini to enhance your photos.

1. Your photos are entirely yours. We don't claim right, we don't peek and we don't share.

2. You can do whatever you like with the enhanced photos as long as it's legal. We'd appreciate it if you mention Remini when you share them, but it's up to you.

3. During enhancement process, face regions(if any) are detected and enhanced differently. The only outcomes are Before/After comparison shots and final enhanced photo. No face data is collected.

4. Before/After shots and enhanced photos are stored on reputable companies like Amazon and Alibaba, they are as secure as it gets. If they mess it up, don't sue us.

5. The aboved mentioned storage is for convenience only and should not be considered permanent. Storage space for inactive users can be cleaned up.

6. In some rare cases the enhanced photos can be worse than the original ones, don't sue us over the quality of enhanced photos.

7. Your personal information you entered using Remini may be used to improve user experience such as viewing "History"/"Album", retaining purchased items from different devices. We will not share them with third parties.

8. Don't sue us for things we are bound by law to do. For example: if you were a spy and you took some photos of a top secret formula for baby diapers and you enhanced them with Remini and shared them online, law enforcement showed up at our door with court orders forcing us to dig your Remini registration info up, we'd probably do it.

Remini Team.